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Peter Harkin Collection

Although Peter was born in Peckham, London in 1961 he is a Donegal man through and through. His parents (Donegal natives) came home every summer and the occasional Christmas and Peter spent most of his time in Glenties and Killybegs during most of the 1970's and 1980's. He followed as many Irish pop, rock and country bands of that era as possible. Most nights were spent going to dances in places like St Dominic's, Glenties, the Mary of Dunloe Festival, The Fiesta Ballroom in  Letterkenny, the Abbey Hotel in Donegal town or Fintra House in Killybegs. 

In London, he followed all the Irish bands that played The Hibernian, Fulham Broadway, The Galtymore in Cricklewood and The National in Kilburn. An avid fan, Peter built a large collection of handouts from the era. Lucky for us, he stored them away for posterity and is now willing to share them with the site and our community. Peter hopes that anyone viewing his collection will have as many happy memories and laughs as he has enjoyed whilst compiling it. By the way, a special thanks to Peter's young nephew, Thady, for the scanning master classes (Thady's favourite Irish showband record is Nobody Loves Like An Irishman by Teddie Palmer).

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70's and 80's Pop and Country

Magic Band Teddie Palmer & The Rumble Band Miami - 1975 The Indians Paddy Cole Superstars - 1978

Ginger Morgan Band


Gimik Pluto Samba
Roy Taylor, Karen Black & the Nevada Jones Gang Starband Apaches Hollywood Stars - 1977
Hollywood Stars Johnny Flynn Gary Green Helen McCaffrey Colm Hughes & The Superstars
Thunderalley Teddie Palmer Tina of the Nevada Miami Indians
Shelly & Startime Jukebox Miami Kerry Blues Dickie Rock
Nevada Brian Harkin - 1978 Big 8 Showband Brendan Quinn Brush Shiels Band
Champions Conquerors Luv-Bug Mama's Boys Mornin Dew Showband
Red Hurley Band Rascal Rock Stewart of the Plattermen Tony Stevens Band The Times
Indians Miami Joanna Farrell Swarbriggs band Sunshine
Colm Hughes of the Superstars The Nevada Ray Lynam & The Hillbillies Brian Harkin's Band Cathal Dunne & The Formula
Champions Granada Sound Country Style Colm Hughes & Superstars Teddie Palmer's
Rumble Band
Shaun O'Dowd Memories - 1978 Downtown Express Brush Shiels Swarbriggs Band
Sheeba Red Hurley Band Paddy Cole's Superstars Teddie Palmer's Rumble Band The Indians
Tina and Roy Taylor Margo and the Blue Ridge Boys Mell Tarner & Wildwood Big Tom and the Travellers Big Tom and the Travellers
Philomena Begley & Her Ramblin Men 1976 The Indians - 1979 Patrick & Har of the Tallmen Stepaside The Swarbiggs
Simon Scott of the Apaches The Times Joe Dolan Nevada Paddy Cole's
Bill Ryan & Buckshot The Mahers Mighty Avons Candy of Dynamite Sands Family
Sandy Duskey & The Fairways Champions Misty Makem and Clancy Sandy Duskey
Tweed Brian Harkin & the Plainsmen Paddy Cole Superstars Rockabilly Rebel Nevada
Conquerors Ian Corrigan & Rosaleen Roy Taylor Teddie Palmer Band Midnight Well
Indians Paddy Cole's Superstars Sunshine Miami Cathal Dunne
Gene Stuart Swarbriggs band Indians Champions Brush Sheils
Red Hurley Big Time Times Tony Stevens Rumble Band
Nevada Times Indians Paddy Cole Superstars Pluto
Duggie Jane & her Country Rock Band East Coast Angels - 1978 Drifters Ray Lynam & The Hillbillies Indians
Memories - 1978 Billy Jo - 1978 Harvest - 1978 Sheeba - 1978 Startime - 1978
Memories - 1978 Karen Black - 1978 Furey Brothers - 1978 Clannad - 1978 Rascal - 1978
Goldrush - 1978 Mash - 1979 Rory Gallagher - 1978 Lucky Numbers - 1978 Red Hurley - 1978
Red Hurley - 1978 Brian Coll - 1978 Mash - 1978 Gibney & Donovan - 1978 Dale Haze & Gina - 1979
Dickie Rock - 1979 Travellers - 1979 Granada - 1979 Brendan Quinn - 1979 Miami
Rascal - 1978 Adam & The Big Apple - 1980 Indians Denis Allen Band Miami
Nevada Memories Royal Earls Paddy Cole Superstars Indians - 1979
Apaches - 1979 Hyland Paddy - 1979 Memories - 1979 Phil Begley - 1979 Sandie Jones - 1979
Shelley - 1979 Kingdom Showband Kingdom Showband Kingdom Showband Swarbriggs
Ian Corrigan Frank McCaffrey Times Tommy Drennan Jukebox
Eileen King Patrice Conquerors Starband Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Adverts / Calendars
Glenties - 1982 Glenties - 1982 Glenties - 1983 Glenties - 1983 Glenties
Starband - 1981 Mornin Dew - 1977 Jukebox - 1983 Brian Coll - Hillbillies - 1982
Indians Indians - 1980 Philomena Begley - 1977 Travellers - 1982 Travellers - 1983
Lucky Numbers Ray Lynam Teddie Palmer Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


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