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In constantly striving to make the website the most comprehensive resource on the Internet, we are writing "in depth" features on as many bands as possible. The decision as to which bands to feature is driven by the availability of photos, reference sources and the contributions of musicians and fans alike. If you would like to see a band featured, please let us know. Our goal is to feature as many bands and singers as possible.

Each feature will eventually include the following information:

The Band's Story / Photo Gallery / Band Lineup Changes / Discography / Audio Samples / Where Are They Now  

We would love to feature every band that ever played in Ireland, but of course, that is impossible. However, we are committed to creating a feature page for any band that contacts us, or sends an email! We will be working on features regularly and adding more over time, so check back regularly for more info on specific bands. Click on the photo to read more. If you would like to see a particular band or artist featured, or have info that would help build a feature, please email us here.

The Airchords Arrivals Showband Arrows Barleycorn Philomena Begley

Big 8 Big Tom Big Valley Billy Brown Blue Aces

Boys n' Girls Brotherly Love Buckaroos Buckshot Cadets
Capitol Alma Carroll Casino Champions Chessmen

Chips Clipper Carltron Clouds Clubmen College Boys

Columbia Conquerors Cotton Mill Boys Country Flavour Crickets

Larry Cunningham Mick Delahunty Band Dixies Joe Dolan Danny Doyle

Dreams Drifters Dubliners Cathal Dunne Edition(s)

Pat Egan Elmer Fudd Emmet Spiceland Fairways Jim Farley
Angela Farrell Firehouse Johnny Flynn Freshmen Fruupp

Fureys Rory Gallagher Gene & the Gents Gentry Dave Glover Band

Graduates Granny's Intentions Greenbeats Green County Harvest

Hillbillies Hi-Lows Hoedowners Hoot'nanny's Horslips

Indians Johnstons Sandie Jones Sandy Kelly/Duskey Keltic Wine

Tony Kenny Kerry Blues Sonny Knowles Lions Johnny Logan

Lola (Anne Mooney) Jan & Anne Lynch Magic Band Mainliners Margo

Maxi, Dick &Twink

Susan McCann Maisie McDaniel Johnny McEvoy Anna McGoldrick

Memories Mexicans Miami Showband Mighty Avons Monarchs

Mushroom Navak Nevada New Blues Kim Newport Band

Oceans Showband Odeon Showband Ohio Showband Pacific/Dublin Corp Teddie Palmer
Pattersons Philosophers Plainsmen Planxty Plattermen

Polka Dots Premier Aces Rascals Real McCoy Reform

Regal Showband Tina Reynolds Riviera Showband Dickie Rock Royal Blues Showband

Royal Showband Jack Ruane Showband Sands Seasons Silver Pennies

Skid Row Skyrockets Smokey Mtn Ramblers Sounds Stage 2

Starband Sunshine Swallows Swarbriggs Sweeney's Men

Tallmen Thin Lizzy Times Travellers Trixons
Tweed Ventures Victors Showband Virginians Wheels
Witnesses Wolfe Tones Las Vegas Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon


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