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Although folk is not strictly related to the showband era, it was during these same years (55-85) that folk musicians came into their own as a major force on the Irish entertainment landscape and in many cases shared the same stages with their showband counterparts. In fact, many folk artists like Johnny McEvoy and Danny Doyle, ended up fronting showbands after successful stints on the folk club circuit. Below is a collection of photos of Irish folk acts from the 60, 70's and 80's.  

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Planxty & Bill Whelan '81

Night & Day - 1967 (BA) Pathfinders (BA) Nitrax - 1970's (LR) Jesse Owens - 1966 (LR)
Pumpkinhead - 1975 Planxty with Paul Brady Planxty Raglan Four (LR) Ormonde Folk Group (BF)
Noel Pender (LR) Pattersons-1970 (KS) Al O'Donnell - 1967 Nita Norry - 1967 Pattersons (LR)
Owen Roe Folk-1967 Jesse Owens-1967 Ormonde Folk - 1967 Brendan O'Dowda (RF)x Brendan O'Dowda (RF)
Dermot O'Brien (RF) Dermot O'Brien (RF) Dermot O'Brien (RF) Dermot O'Brien (RF) Dermot O'Brien (RF)
Pattersons - 1970 Pattersons - 1973 Pattersons - 1970 Pattersons - 1969 Pattersons - 1968
Pattersons - 1968 Pattersons - 1970 Pattersons - 1970 Pattersons - 1970 Pattersons - 1970
Dermot O'Brien - 1972 Dermot O'Brien - 1972 Dermot O'Brien - 1972 Dermot O'Brien - 1972 Dermot O'Brien - 1971
Dermot O'Brien - 1972 Dermot O'Brien - 1971 Maura O'Connell (RF) Na Casaidigh (RF) Neary Brothers (RF)
Nita Norry (RF) Noel Murphy (RF) Oisin (RF) Oisin (RF) Coming
Coming Coming Coming Coming Coming

Photo Credits:

(DD) = Photo courtesy David Dwane of the Western People
(DL) = Photo courtesy Dick Lynott
(BK) = Photo courtesy Brian "Shorty" O'Kane
(TP) = Photos courtesy Teddie Palmer
(KS) = Photos courtesy Kathleen Smith
(KC) = Photos courtesy Kevin Conlon
(BA) = Photos courtesy Barbara Joyce
(LR) = Photos courtesy Liam O'Reilly
(BF) = Photos courtesy Brian Furey
(PH) = Photos courtesy Peter Harkin
(GW) = Photos courtesy Gabriel Whyte
(MB) = Photos courtesy Mickey Brennan
(DC) = Photos courtesy Danny Carthy
(TF) = Photos courtesy Terry Foster
(KH) = Photo courtesy Keith Hodges
(DM) = Photo courtesy Dermot Magill


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