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Bangor Erris Hall, Bangor Erris, Co. Mayo

The first mention of the Bangor (Erris) hall is in 1953 when dancing was taking place there, but the only reference is in a
court case. The first advert we found was in 1957 when the hall was used for a Great Summer Carnival (see below).
Throughout ther 1960's and into the early 70's the hall played host to many of the top names of the showband era and was
a mecca for dancers in west Mayo. In the early 1970's, the hall seemed to stop running regular dances but was being used by the
local Kiltane GAA for their annual carnival, which raised funds for the club. We have been able to trace this from 1972 (see below)
through 1994. Today the hall is still in use on a regular basis by the local community for drama, meetings and a host of other
activities. Unlike the larger purpose built ballrooms of the sixties that were either demolished and turned to other purposes,
the smaller halls of the showband era continue to thrive and continually reinvent themselves to suit the needs
of the local community. (We think the Parish Hall below is the same hall)      


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