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Orange Hall, Laghey, Co. Donegal

Built in 1906, the Orange Hall in Laghey was, like all small village halls in the early 20th century, the hub of local life.
Although we know from photos that the hall was built in 1906, we can't find any mention of it until the 1930's when
it was used for meetings, charity events and the occasional dance. Throughout its 110 year history the hall has hosted
meetings, variety concerts, drama, political events and, of course, dances. In the 1960's, they held regular dances, below
is an advert for the Royal Band Show (not sure if it is the original, but highly unlikely). They continued to run
dances through the early seventies and I, myself played relief to "Section 1" (aka the Denver Showband), that would eventual morph
in the Rascals, featuring Ted Ponsonby. Right through the 1980's the hall was being used for variety concerts and the like, but we think
it fell into disrepair in the 1990's and was derelict. Based on the photo below from Google Earth, the hall has been spruced up a bit,
but we think it is no longer in use. If you know more, please email us.

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