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A Special Message From Gerry

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the many members of our showband community who have sent me, my wife Kim and older son Gerald, their thoughts, condolences and prayers after the tragic death of our sixteen year old son, Grant on November 18, 2006. He was a passenger in a car which skidded out of control and was hit by an oncoming truck on a dark country road in rural South Carolina.

As a tribute to his life and love of music, we have set up a website at which we hope will give the world some small idea of the wonderful person and talented musician we have lost. He had been playing guitar for only two years and had already far surpassed my meager skills as a guitarist. A video of his playing is posted on the website.

I know that we are not the only members of the showband family to have lost a child or other family member in such a tragic way and our hearts go out to all those that have suffered similar losses. For those of you who have been lucky enough to never know this pain, I encourage you to never miss a chance to tell your children or other family members how much you love them.

Despite the grief which has gripped us since his passing, we are coping well and life goes on. We are working through the healing process which will allow us to cope with the loss, although we know we will never truly get over it.

As for myself, I will keep the website running and growing and have dedicated the site to Grant's memory.

I have also relocated back to Ireland as of December 11th, 2006 to take a position as Managing Director of an entertainment licensing company in Ireland, so I will be able to spend even more time tracking down and adding more showband information, photos, and music to the website. We may even get to have a few reunion gigs with some of our old band mates.

In closing, I want to thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. When I started this website back in 2002, I never imagined that I would build such wonderful, lasting friendships with so many great fans and musicians of the showband era, of which Kim and myself count ourselves lucky to have been part of back in the "good old days."

With heartfelt thanks,

Gerry, Kim and Gerald Gallagher

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In Loving Memory of Grant Gallagher: Sept. 21, 1990 - Nov. 18, 2006