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On this page, we pay tribute to the many pop bands that entertained Irish audiences back in the "good old days." If anyone takes exception to having these photos exhibited on our website, please let us know and we'll remove them immediately, thanks. By the way, if you know where any of these bands are today, please click here

All photos are identified with contributor's initials on this page and their name imprinted on the photo. All photos are copy protected, if you would like a high resolution digital image, please email us and we will contact the contributor.
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Joe Cuddy (SM) Nicole and Linda of Chips Dickie Rock - 1979 Johnny Logan Duskey Sisters
Joe Dolan - 1975 Kim Newport - 1982 Candi of Dynamite April of the Silver Pennies Rosie from Sunshine (TP)
Colm Hughes - 1975 Sandie Jones - 1973 Sean O'Dowd of Dingaling Ginger Morgan Cahir O'Doherty (TP)
Sandie Jones & Tony James Glen Curtin Twink Ronnie Medford Liam & Emily of the Pirates
Tony StevensGinger Morgan - 1980 Tina at Eurovision - 1974 Sheeba in 1982 Jamie Stone - 1975
Lola of The New Blues - 1974 Duskey Sisters - 1981 Mick O'Hagan of Romance - 1974 Rob Strong circa 1970 D.J. Curtin - 1974
Red Hurley - 1975 Danny Doyle & Maxi - 1973 Dickie Rock - 1973 Cathal Dunne Rosie & Bryce of Sunshine (DD)
Tony Kenny (1974) (DL) Teddie Palmer (DD) Magic - late 70's (DD) Glen Curtin (DD) Joanna of Tequila Sunrise (TP)
Dana - early 70's (DL)

The Swarbriggs

Tony Kenny Live - 1979 (BK) Red Hurley - 1978 Maxi, Dick & Twink (JD)
Shaun O'Dowd-'88 (DD) Rob Strong - 1972 Kim Newport - 1982 Sandy Duskey - 1974 Tina Reynolds - 1978
Swarbriggs - 1978 Johnny Carroll - 1989 (DD) Geraldine Branagan - 1982 Joanna Farrell of Tequila Sunrise (TP) Marie Morgan & The Pirates - 1975
Laurie Hartz & Karen of Solid Gold (DD) Frank Chisum - 1988 (DD) Tommy Drennan Alan Carr - 1975 (AC) Derrick Mehaffey (TP)

Tony Kenny (KS)

Magic - 1975 The New Magic in 1980 Johnny Carroll - 1989 Johnny Logan-1980 (KS)
Johnny Logan-1980 (KS) Peter Roddy - 1974 (LR) Sandie Jones - 1974 (LR) D.J. Curtin - 1974 (LR) Tony Kenny - 1974 (LR)
Colm Wilkinson - 1974 (LR) Gina & Dale Haze - 1974 (LR) Joe Dolan - 1975 (LR) Shaun O'Dowd - 1975 (LR) Fran O'Toole - 1975 (LR)
Sandie Jones & Joe O'Toole (LR) Danny Doyle & Maxi (LR) Joanna of Tequila Sunrise (LR) Glen Curtin (LR) Tony Kenny (LR)
Dominic Kirwan of Las Vegas (LR) Joe Dolan - 1972 (LR) Rory O'Connor of the Dixies - 1973 Billy Mac of the Miami - 1973 Pat Roper (LR)
Maxi (LR) Derek Dean (LR) Tina (LR)

Irene and Linda of Chips (TP)

Kelley - 1972
Sandie & Joe of the Dixies - 1972 Brendan O'Brien & Joe Mac of the Dixies Dickie - 2982 Billy Mac - 1973 Swarbriggs - 1975

Samba (PH) Ginger Morgan (PH) Gary Green  (PH) Simon Brothers - 1972 Dickie Rock (PH)
Teddie Palmer (PH) Tina of the Nevada (PH) Jukebox (PH) Rock Stewart of the Plattermen (PH) Joanna Farrell (PH)
Colm Hughes of the Superstars (PH) Shaun O'Dowd (PH) Brush Shiels (PH) Tina and Roy Taylor (PH) Karen Black of the Nevada
Kaye Twins Johnny Logan - 1981 Joe Dolan (PH) The Swarbiggs (PH) Sandie Jones
Candy of Dynamite (PH) Gary Street signs with Tom Kelly (LR) Joanna Farrell (LR) Roy Taylor (PH) Cathal Dunne (PH)
Johnny Logan-1986 Johnny Logan-1980 Johnny Logan-1987 Johnny Logan-1989 Johnny Logan-1982
Johnny Logan-1980 Red Hurley (PH) Jim O'Connor - 1971 Rob Strong - 1970 Rob Strong - 1971

Chips - 1980

Gina & Dale Haze Derrick Mehaffey Red Hurley - 1978 (PH) Red Hurley - 1978 (PH)
Joanna - 1984 D.J. Curtin - 1971 Swarbriggs - 1971 Murty & Tara - 1971 Plattermen - 1971
Glen Curtin - 1971 Cahir O'Doherty Joanna Farrell - 1988 Sheeba Kelley - 1970
Billy Brown - 1971 Rob Strong - 1971 Dale & Gina - 1979 (PH) Dickie Rock - 1979 (PH) Tina & Ronnie Medford of the Nevada
Dave Coady - 1970 Dickie Rock (DH) Fran O'Toole Roly Daniels - 1971 (KS) Red Hurley (KS)
Tony Kenny (KS) Joe Mac (LR) Brendan Bowyer (LR) Mary Lou-1982 (TP) Cahir O'Doherty - 1969
Billy Brown - 1969

Dermot Ward - 1969

John Farrell - 1969 Gina & Dale Haze (SK) Tina - 1971
Big Eight - 1971 Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon

Additional Photo Credits:

(AG) Photos contributed by Anthony Grace
(SM) Photos contributed by Shaun Magee
(MN) Photos contributed by Mike Niblett
(FK) Photos contributed by Francis Kennedy
(TP) Photos contributed by Teddie Palmer
(AC) Photos contributed by Alan Carr
(DD) Photos contributed by David Dwane of the Western People
(DL) Photos contributed by Dick Lynott
(DC) Photos contributed by Declan Colgan
(PK) Photos contributed by Peter Kinsey
(JD) Photos contributed by Joe Dodd
(BK) Photos contributed by Brian "Shorty" O'Kane
(AM) Photos contrbuted by Andy Monk
(FL) Photos contributed by Frank Lundy
(LR) Photos contributed by Liam O'Reilly
(KS) Photos contributed by Kathleen Smith
(JU) Photos contributed by Janet Burns
(PB) Photos contributed by Paddy Brennan
(PH) Photos contributed by Peter Harkin
(DH) Photos contributed by Des Hickey



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