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Here for your enjoyment are a collection of the record sleeves and discs from the bands of the era. If you'd like to send us a scan of your sleeves, please scan them at 300 dpi and attached them to an email here.

Special thanks to Liam O'Reilly, Dick Lynott, Brian "Shorty" O'Kane, Teddie Palmer, Kathleen Smith, John McGrenra and Frankie McGirr for contributing additional images to this collection.

A - Two's Company (LR) A - Fureys (LR) A - Daniel O'Donnell (LR) A - John Kerr (LR) A - Michael O'Brien (LR)
B - Two's Company (LR) B - Fureys (LR) B - Daniel O'Donnell (LR) B - John Kerr (LR) B - Michael O'Brien (LR)
A - Hugo Duncan (LR) A - Hugo Duncan (LR) A - Big Tom &
Sandy Kelly
A - Kevin Prendergast (LR) A - Swarbriggs (LR)
B - Hugo Duncan (LR) B - Hugo Duncan (LR) B - Big Tom &
Sandy Kelly
B - Kevin Prendergast (LR) B - Swarbriggs (LR)
A - The Shaskeen (LR) A - Royal Flush (TP) A-Rockabilly Rebels (TP) A - Nevada (TP) A - Rockets (TP)
B - The Shaskeen (LR) B - Royal Flush (TP) B-Rockabilly Rebels (TP) B - Nevada (TP) B - Rockets (TP)
A - Mary Lou (TP) A - Harrys Gang (TP) A - Honey Bunch (TP) Turn Out The Lights (TP) Country Lovin' (TP)
Brendan Quinn (TP) Golden Hour of Joe Dolan (TP) Countrified- Brian Coll (TP) Bothy Band (TP) Barnbrack (TP)
Dermot Hegarty Champions Foster and Allen Hugo Duncan Tommy Drennan
Gerry Black Philomena Begley Horslips Everglades - Everglades
Everglades Paragon 7      

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