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The history of Irish rock music is quite amazing given the parochial attitudes and lack of creativity generally during the 60's and 70's in Ireland. Looking back on names like Van Morrison, Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy and U2, it is hard to believe these bands came from the same culture that spawned the showband era.

However, no discussion of Irish entertainment in the 60's, 70's and 80's would be complete without including the "beat" scene which developed in the country's major city's in the 1960's and eventually lead to a plethora of pop and rock bands coming from every corner of the country by the 1980's.

In Dublin and Belfast, before the rock bands there were the Beat groups. Sadly, many groups didn't last very long and members switched allegiances like musical chairs which also make a verifiable account of the period quite difficult.

Fortunately, for us, there was a person who basically chronicled the era on a regular basis for over a decade. Dublin D.J., Pat Egan, wrote a regular column in Spotlight magazine, the "bible" of Irish entertainment in the 60's and through the 70's until it's demise around 1979. The evolution of the era can be traced through the names he called his column.

Originally called "Beat" it became "Group Scene" in May, 1970, then "Heavy Sounds" in October 1972 and finally "Let It Rock" in October  1973. When Pat left the column in August 1974, it was renamed "Rock On" and written by Smiley Bolger, we think until the magazines demise. Of course, an examination of bands in England would show the same progression: from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd. But England did not have the same musical culture as Ireland by any stretch of the imagination, making the rise of Irish rock even more significant.   

The Beat groups of the 60's played the same gigs, created the same stir, but just went by a different name than groups in the 70's. Outside of Dublin, there were few venues for rock groups and any original music was naturally compared to the rock gods of the era. Recording was an expensive proposition and few bands had the "bread" to record at Trend studios, or one of the handful of Dublin's other professional studios.

Irish beat/rock groups in the late sixties and early 70's all faced the same dilemma: to be successful they had to leave Ireland. Even though the country could produce world class rock acts, almost all of them were forced to go to England to gain recognition there, before they would be accepted at home. Quantifying the groups of the era is difficult as they tended to come and go with members shuffling between groups. Often groups would be launched to great fanfare, only to be gone a few weeks later. It was a fickle time and allegiances were formed and disbanded on a regular basis. 

The first major breakthrough band in Ireland was "Them," featuring the the legendary Van Morrison. Formed in 1964, they were from Belfast which was official part of the UK and so they are often not thought of as an "Irish" band. It would be 1967 when a blues guitarist and former showband musician struck out in a new direction that Ireland would have it's first rock stars. Rory Gallagher was the guitarist and Taste was the band that rivaled even guitar god Eric Clapton's Cream for fans. Taste broke up in 1970 with Rory starting his own international solo career as one of the world's greatest guitarists.   

Around this time, Horslips broke through initially with their experimental version of Celtic rock. They were possibly the first Irish based rock band to enjoy success in Europe without relocating to London, or the States. While they became huge at home, and toured extensively in the United States and England, super star status eluded them. They came together in 1970 and within a decade had broken up with Johnny Fean and Eamonn Carr forming the Zen Alligators, a short lived rock n' soul band that toured the ballrooms. Recently though, they have made a string of appearances together with talk of a reunion in the works. 

It was probably Thin Lizzy that became the first major Irish rock band to conquer England while still (more or less) living and playing at home in Ireland. Their rocked up Irish folk tune, Whiskey in the Jar, broke in England while the band was still playing small gigs in Irish hotels and secondary schools. I first heard the number when they introduced it at gig in the Imperial Hotel in Sligo in January, 1973. However, on February 1, 1973, Phil Lynott, Eric Bell and Brian Downey were onstage at the BBC's Top of The Pops, alongside such international pop icons as Stevie Wonder (singing Superstition), Carly Simon (You're So Vain), and ELO (Roll Over Beethoven). Lizzy had arrived!  

The coming of Lizzy, Rory Gallagher and Horslips, among others, led to an explosion of young rock bands on the fledgling Dublin rock scene as the seventies progressed. Critics of this era in Irish rock might suggest that one of the downsides of the reporting on the Dublin scene in publications like Spotlight, gave an undue amount of press dedicated to "up and coming rock bands" that were no more than "garage bands" (i.e., here today and gone tomorrow). In fact, in 1974, Don O'Connor, founder member of Limerick based Reform complained saying, "The magazine gives a false impression to rock bands around the country...They believe all these groups are the greatest thing going....yet they haven't got the price of a van." Harsh words from one of the era's most successful Irish based rock groups. 

It still wouldn't be until the late seventies that things really began to change. Encouraged by the success of punk and new wave artists, Irish rock groups started coming of age. Local bands realized they could make records "as good," if not better than many of the punk bands in London. Bands like the Boomtown Rats (based in England), The Undertones (Belfast) and Stiff Little Fingers (Belfast) led the charge in 1977-78, taking their places alongside punk contemporaries like the Clash and Sex Pistols.

The introduction of Hot Press in 1979, gave further momentum to Irish rock's development. Hot Press gave alternative music it's own voice and it's own face. In much the same way Rolling Stone helped legitimize rock music a generation earlier, so Hot Press did in Ireland and never looked back. Of course, one of the drawbacks of having its own publication was the continuing problem distinguishing true rock talent with amateur "wannabee" rock bands that literally did little but rehearse, constantly switch members and play the occasional gig. 

However, Irish rock really started making waves at home around this time, and bands started having significant success in Ireland without having to move to England. Arguably, the biggest success enjoyed by a group around this time in Ireland was Bagatelle's huge hit, Summer In Dublin, in 1978 which took the country by storm. Not since the days of Thin Lizzy and Horslips, had a group been so successful at home. Although it is difficult to categorize Bagatelle and their leader, Liam O'Reilly as rockers, they were still part of the Hot Press crowd--rock bands at heart. Liam went on to represent Ireland in Eurovision some twelve years later and placed a very respectable 2nd. 

Following on the heels of Bagatelle, groups like The Blades, Mama's Boys, The Lookalikes, Stepaside (originally formed in the mid 70's), Reform, and many others had hit records in Ireland. The irony though, was that with success, they joined their ancestors, the showbands, playing in the ballrooms and dancehalls which dotted the countryside and cities of Ireland. "This week, Big Tom-next week, Mama's Boys!"

Little did anyone realise that during this period (around 1976) a group of four young Dublin lads were getting their act together. Known originally as "Feedback," the band burst on the Irish scene in 1978 and never looked back. U2 became not only the biggest rock group ever to come of or Ireland, but it has been argued, they are the greatest rock band in the world.    

Of course, Irish rock continued to grow in both stature and influence as the eighties rolled on. Sir Bob Geldof's Live Aid concerts in 1985 were truly significant and revolutionized the social impact music could have across in the world...a trend that continues to the present day.

Since this website is dedicated mainly to bands that played in Ireland, up until 1985, a discussion of Ireland's continuing prominence in the world of rock through the 1990's and into the 21st century is beyond our scope. For the moment, we will leave that task to someone else.

Needless to say, when Thin Lizzy took to the stage in the Imperial Hotel in Sligo in the winter of 1972 and played their "new single, Whiskey In The Jar," few in the hall that evening could have ever imagined what would happen next!

Long live Irish rock!    

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5th Degree [Dublin] (late 60's group which we think featured country in the set)
Abraham [Dublin] (early seventies group)
Adolph J. Ragg/P2/P3/P4 [Dublin] (early seventies group featuring the late Robbie Walsh)
Aera [Dublin?] (Early 70's 6 piece group)
Aesops Fables [Dublin] (Mid-sixties group which included for a time Mog Ahern and Alex Clark on sax)
Aftermath [Dublin] (early 70's group)
Alleykatz [Lambeg] (late 60's Belfast based six piece group)
Alyce/P2 [Dublin] (Paddy Freeney, Eamonn Gibney, David Lardner & Gerry Donovan formed in 1970 - Jimmy Slevin later)
Andwellas Dream/P2/P3 [Dublin] (Early 70's rock group formerly known as The Method with Dave Lewis and Nidge Smith)
Angel/P2/P3 [Dublin] (Mid 70's Dublin pop/rock group)
Association, The  [Dublin]
Atlantis Beat Group [Dublin] (60's group)
Atom [Dublin] (early 70's four piece featured ex-Skid Row roadie, Tom Gorman on vocals)
Atrix/P2 [Dublin] (punk band formed in 1978, released records until 1984)-our thanks to Joe O'Connor for correction
Autobop (Group formed in mid-1979 and featured on "SBB Ina Shui" and "Non Stop Pop" in 1982)
Auto Da Fe (Group formed in 1980 after Gay Woods broke up with husband Terry)
Bagatelle [Dublin] (Liam Reilly wrote & performed Ireland's 1990 Eurovision entry / first hit in 1978 was "Summer in Dublin.")
Bananas [Dublin] (Formed by Robin Irvine of Chips and emigrated to New York in 1975)
Barrelhouse Blues Band [Belfast] (short lived late sixties group - Laurie McMullan)
Bee Vee's Five [Drogheda] (formed in Feb, 1964 and featured future Dubliner Eamon Campbell)
Bees Make Honey [Dublin]
Bell and Brush [Dublin] (band formed after Eric Bell left Lizzy and joined with Brush Shiels after Skid Row broke up)
Big Self [Belfast] (band formed in 1980 and released last record in 1988)
Blackbird/P2/P3/P4 [Balbriggan] (formed in 1972 - Ray Tiernan, Stan Guest, Martin McEvoy and Gerry Bohan)
Black Eagles [Dublin] (Phil Lynott's first band)
Black Night [Ennis] (band formed in 1971 and moved to Dublin)
The Blades [Dublin] (3 piece formed in 1977 in Dublin around the vocals/songwriting of Paul Cleary, one of Ireland's best)
Blind Eye [Belfast] (Northern based power trio of the early 70's)
Blue [Dublin] (band formed in 1969 with Greg Donaghy, Ernie Durkin, Tommy Kinsella and Paul Duffy-short lived)
Blue Angels [Unknown] (late 60's group)
Bluebeats [Belfast] (early 60's group)
Blue In Heaven/P2 (Dublin based band from 1982-89 featured Shane O'Neill who later fronted the Blue Angels)
Blue Jays [Dublin] (late 60's beat group based in Dublin)
Blue Mist/P2 [Dublin] (late 60's group)
Blue Russia [Dublin] (mid eighties band formerly known as The Myster Men)
Blueshouse [Dublin?] (early 70's Dublin group)
Bluesville (Ian Whitcomb, Barry Richardson, Deke O'Brien, Mick Molloy, Ian McGarry and Pete Adler)
Bogey Boys (Lead guitarist Jimmy Smith is "One Day At A Time" Gloria's brother)
Bojangle/P2/P3 [Limerick] (early 70's three piece which featured Denis Allen)
Boomtown Rats [UK] (not strictly an Irish band, but featured Sir Bob Geldof)
Boothouse [Cork] (early 70's four piece featuring Chapter Five's Joe O'Callaghan)
Boutique [Unknown] (Five piece band)
Brian Rock and the Hustlers [Dublin] (60's group - thanks to Glen Brown for photo)
Bratt [Kiltimagh] (Early 70's trio formed by 2 members of the original Time Machine)
Brogue [Dublin] (Eamon Gibney, Tony Geraghty, Danny O'Keefe, Vincent Duffy, and Carl Geraghty formerly Alyce)
Brush Shiels [Dublin] (Ireland's perennial bad boy of rock started Skid Row with Phil Lynott and so much more...)
Brush/P2 [Dublin] (Band formed by Brush Shiels between versions of Skid Row)
Bugle [Dublin] (4 piece formed after Donal Lunny left Planxty with Sean Davey)
Bullet Head [Galway] (Mid 70's four piece)
Business, The/P2 [Dublin?] (4 piece band)
Bye Laws [Dublin] (late sixties beat group which later teamed up with Maxi, Dick and Twink)
Carnival [Dublin] (early 70's 4 piece group)
Carpetbaggers [Unknown] (5 piece group)
Casper [Omagh] (formed in 1979 with Mickey Tracey, Piero Mc Gartland and Conor Mc Crory)
Cactus World News [Dublin] (formed in 1984 with Frank Kearns, Eoin McEvoy, Wayne Sheehy & Fergal McAindris
Caravelles [Dublin] (early 60's group which eventually became the Greenbeats - Ted Carroll)
Cat of the Dark [Dublin] (late 60's group featuring students from UCD)
Cat's Pyjamas/P2 [Dublin] (mid 70's 3 piece which featured Brian Harris and Brian Donaghy)
Catweazle [Derry] (1970's 4 piece Celtic rock group)
Chaos [Unknown] (four piece group)
Chapter Five/P2 [Cork] (early 70's group featuring Tony Bourke on lead vocals and managed by Don Weldon)
Chateau [Dublin] (mid 70's 5 piece group)
Cheaters [Unknown] (former members of Firefly lead by Johnny Logan's brother Mick O'Hagan in late 1970's)
Childe [Dublin] (early 70's 2 piece - Gerry Grennell and Brian Regan)
Chosen Few [Dublin] (late sixties beat group with a wealth of talent including Fran O'Toole, Bobby Kelly, etc.)
The Circle [Dublin] (late sixties beat group)
Cityweek [Belfast?]
Cloverhitch [Westmeath] (mid 70's group managed by Andy Gilmartin)
Clutch  [Tralee] (Southern based rock band that achieved some success in the 1980's)
Coalition [Dublin] (late 60's five piece)
Common People, The [Galway] (late 60's group)
Consort of St. Sepulchre [Dublin] (10 piece earl 70's group)
Crack, The (Click here to see RTE Guide article) (Pop/rock act formed by Steven Travers of the Miami/Starband)
Crazy Cajun [Dublin] (early 70's 4 piece group)
Creatures/P2/P3 [Dublin] (top mid-sixties group with Liam McKenna)
Creel [Dublin] (early 70's group)
Cricketts [Dublin] (late 60's group)
Crock [Unknown] (mid 70's five piece)
Crocketts, The [Dublin] (mid 60's five piece)
Cromwell (early three piece 70's)
Crown [Belfast] (mid 70's four piece)
Cruisers [Unknown] (early 70's five piece)
Cry Before Dawn [Wexford] (Formed in 80's with Brendan Wade, Tony Hall, Vince Doyle & Pat Hayes)
Cryin Soul [Dungannon] (sixties rock group from the North)
Crypt/P2/P3 [Rathfriland, Co. Down] (1967-1970's group managed by Ollie Byrne)
Cyclones, The [Dublin]  (Late 60's group)
Dandelion/P2/P3 [Dublin]  (Five piece group from early 1970's)
Dave Prim Band [Kilkenny]  (Blues group based in Kilkenny that signed to CBS records in 1973)
David Balfour [Unknown]  (Early 70's 4 piece)
Dead Centre/P2/P3/P4 [Dublin]  (Late sixties beat group)
Deep Joy [Belfast] (Early 70's rock band)
Deep Set [Dunlaoire] (mid-sixties group which lasted until the early 70's)
Demick and Armstrong [Dublin] (Early 70's band)
Demon Duck [Dublin] (Early 70's 5 piece band)
Desolation Row [Dublin] (Early 70's group)
The Difference [Dublin] (late sixties beat group featured Brian Toomey)
Dirtywork (mid 70's Belfast based group drafted by Louis Walsh as Tony Kenny's backing band in the late 70's)
Dodgers [Belfast]
Dolls House [Belfast] (late 60's Northern Group)
Double Unit [Cork] (early 70's 6 piece)
Dr. Strangely Strange/P2/P3/P4 [Dublin] (late 60's/early 70's group that once featured Gay and Terry Woods)
Drags [Dublin] (Jody Pollard, Jimmy Mahon and Larry Lynch, changed their name to Strange Brew in 1967)
Dream Machine [Dublin] (late 60's group formed around 1968)
Dunno [Belfast?] (early 70's 4 piece)
Eagle [Enniskillen] (formed in 1972 with Denis Forbes, Ricky Bleakley, and Mervyn Dixon)
East Coast Angels/P2/P3 [Dublin]
Eclipse [Monaghan] (4 piece trad band from mid 70's managed by George McCarron)
Eggheads Electric Circus [Dublin] (formed in 1968)
Eire Apparent/P2/P3/P4 [Belfast] (formerly The People and Tony & the Telstars, Henry McCullough was with them-M.Niblett)
Elastik Band [Dublin] (late 60's trio)
Elmer Fudd (Early 70's band formerly known as Portrait)
Executive Suite [Dublin] (early 70's three piece)
Eyeless [Dublin] (mid 70's 5 piece with Niall Stokes and Neal Jordan)
Fantasy [Dublin] (5 piece heavy rock early 70's band was Wheatstone Bridge)
Factory [unknown] (Early 70's group)
Federals [Dublin] (mid 60's group featured Paul Teeling, Brush Shiels, Bernard Cheevers, Brian Rock and others)
Few, The [Belfast]
Fifth Degree [Kilkenny] (1967 band managed by Eamonn Langton)
Fire Brigade/P2/P3 (Late 60's Dublin group - Eugene Malone, Austin Smith, Martin Byrne, Mick Doherty and Vincent Quinlan)
Firefly (1979 band formed by Jimi Slevin, but short lived, released album "Getting There," then broke up)
First Edition [Dublin] (late 60's six piece which became the Edition and hit the ballroom circuit in 1970-71)
Five-By-Five [Dublin] (late 60's)
Flintstones [Dublin] (early 70's 5 piece pop group)
Flower Power [Dublin] (late 60's group)
Danny Fontana  [Dublin]
Freak Show [Dublin] (early 70's 5 piece which featured Ditch Cassidy and Pete Cummins)
Freedom  [Dublin] (1968 band started by Martin Brannigan)
Freeway  [Dublin] (early 70's four piece featuring Fire Brigade's Austin Smith)

Freewheel  [Dublin] (1968-73 pop and rock group with emphasis on harmonies became Jason)

Fruupp [Magherafelt] (Early 70's band that made a big splash, and lasted about 4 years)
Fugitives, The [Belfast] (late 60's group)
Gary Moore Band [Belfast?] (Early 70's group formed after Gary left Skid Row, also included Philip Donnelly)
Gaslight [Unknown] (Early 70's band which featured ex Taste Eric Kitteringham)
Gentry (P2) [Ballymena] (One of Ireland's early rock bands originally featured Cahir O'Doherty on lead vocals)
Ghost of an American Airman [Belfast] (1985-93, hailed as the next U2, but despite a major record deal, never quite made it)
Gnumps, The [Dublin] (late 60's group featured Mike O'Brien)
Good Tymes [Dublin] (late sixties band that featured Mike O'Brien)
Granny's Intentions [Limerick] (One of the top groups of the mid to late 1960's and into the 70's)
Grapefruit /P2/P3 [Belfast] (70's rock group)
Grass [Dundalk] (rock group)
Grass Band [Dublin] (late 60's rock group)
Gryphon [Unknown] (early 70's 4 piece group)
G Squad [Unknown] (early 70's 4 piece group)
Gypsy Rock [Dublin] (early 70's band featuring Liam McKenna of the Creatures and Ditch Cassidy)
Gypsies Poetry [Dublin] (late 60's folk-rock group)
Hamlet [Dublin?] (early 70's 4 piece)
Hard Contact [Unknown] (early 70's 5 piece)
Harmony Heights [Dublin] (early 70's Dublin 5 piece)
Harvest Research [Dublin] (early 70's Dublin 5 piece)
Hat Gang [Dublin] (early 70's Dublin group featured the Stokes brothers)
Hayden Cullen Choir & Orchestra [Dublin] (early 70's Dublin 2 piece)
Heels and Soles [Dublin] (late 60's Dublin group formerly known as the H-Group)
Heir [Dublin] (early 70's Dublin 5 piece)
Hello [Dublin] (four piece formed in 1973 featured Orange Machine's Robin Crowley)
Help Yourself [Unknown] (five piece band from the early 70's)
Hennigan's Blooze Band/P2 [Sligo] (Short lived mid 80's rock group formed by top local musicians named after local bar)
Henry Lee's Junk Band [Dublin] (late 60's group)
Henry McCullough [Enniskillen]
Homer's Knods [Unknown] (two piece band from the late 60's)
Honey Sweet [Dublin] (early to mid 70's rock group which featured the late Robbie Walsh on vocals)
Hootenannys [Dublin] (60's beat group featured Bobby Kelly and Liam McKenna)
Horslips (Ireland's premiere Celtic rock export, having practically invented the genre in the early 1970's)
Hot Air Machine [Dublin] (short lived 4 piece group formed in 1970 to promote Jacob's Club Milk biscuits)
Hot Dusty Roads [Dublin?] (Mid 70's 5 piece country rock outfit)
Hothouse Flowers [Dublin?]  
Hot Shots/P2 [Dublin] (early 70's group featured Billy Fonda).
Huds, The / P2 / P3 [Dublin] (Mid-60's group)
Human Flesh [Dublin?] (Early 70's 4 piece)
Incredible String Band [Dublin]
In-Sect, The [Dublin] (Mid 60's beat group)
Intentions, The [Dublin] (mid-60's group which included Martin Branigan).
Interns, The [Lisburn] (Mid 60's beat group with Nick Hellewell on keyboards and Paul Divito on vocals)
Intruders / P1 / P2 [Dublin] (Formed in 1964 originally known as the Olympix).
Intruders [Limerick] (mid-60's group).
Iron Horse [Dublin] (early 70's group formed from members of the Crypt and Taxi).
Jangle Dangle [Dublin] (early 70's group).
Jeremiah Henry (early 70's group which featured Johnny Fean on guitar)
Jason (mid 70's rock group which featured Brian Donaghy on drums, who would go on to Chips)
Julian's Heirs [Dublin] (late sixties 4 piece group)
Just Five [Belfast] (late sixties group)
Kama Sutra [Dublin] (late sixties group)
Keltic Wine (early 70's band featuring Roy & Richie Fitzgerald)
Kensington Bomb Factory [Dublin] (early 70's trio)
Kingbees [Dublin] (mid-sixties group featuring Ditch Cassidy)
Kraft [Unknown]  
Kult, The [Dublin] (mid-sixties group which featured Paul Brady and Dave Pennyfeather) 
Leaves, The [Dublin] (late 60's beat group on the road in 1967 became The Magazine) 
Les Enfants
Liberation [Dublin] (early 70's six piece pop group) 
Light, The/P2 [Dublin] (late 60's beat group featuring Alan Dee)
Light [Belfast] (Late 70's rock band featuring Jim Armstrong of Them)
Light A Big Fire [Dublin] (Rock band that started in the mid 80's and have reformed recently)
Limited Company, The [Dublin] (60's group featured Deke O'Brien, Paul Ashford and Fran O'Toole)
Lookalikes, The/P2 [Dublin] (Popular rock group of the early 80's)
Looney Tunes [Dublin] (mid 70's group).
Lucy Krown [Dublin] (early 70's group).
Macbeth [Unknown] (early 70's four piece)
Machine, The [Portadown] (Late 60's rock group from Co. Armagh managed by Teddie Palmer)
Mad Lads [Belfast] (Mid-sixties Northern based group)
Maestro [Unknown] (early 70's three piece)
Magazine, The [Dublin] (Late sixties group with Johnny Brown, Robbie Walsh, John O'Neill & Des Hickey-were The Leaves)
Magic Garden [Unknown]
Mama's Boys/P2/P3/P4/P5
Martelles [Cork] (Late sixties five piece)
Master Hare [Dublin] (mid 70's 4 piece)
Medium Wave Band [Dublin] (mid 70's 7 piece featuring Honor Heffernan)
Method, The [Belfast] (three piece group from the late sixties)
Minibeats [Cork] (early 70's five piece Sullivan family pop group)
Modulators, The
Moondogs [Derry] (three piece rock band that was on the go in 1980)
Moore, Gary [Belfast] (along with Rory, arguably Ireland's greatest rock and blues guitarist ever)
Mousetrap [Dublin] (early 70's five piece group)
Movement, The [Dublin] (Top Dublin based mid to late 60's group featuring John Farrell on vocals)
Moving Hearts (Helped create the Celtic/jazz fusion sound in 1981, paving the way for Riverdance 13 years later in 1994)
Mushroom (short lived mid-70's Celtic rock group featuring Aonghus McNally on guitar broke up in May, 1975)
Myster Men [Dublin] (Dublin based early 80's rock band that changed name to Blue Russia and released one single)
Ned Spoon(e) [Dublin] (early 70's - Alan Grundy, Lyndsay Ryan, Mick Good, Robbie Walker and Eddie Shaw)
Never Greens [Dublin] (late 60's group formed by Mog Ahern)
New Shadows /P2 [Unknown]
News /P2/P3/P4 [Dublin] (late 60's Dublin based band which featured Ditch Cassidy on vocals)
Nicolas Newsound [Unknown]
Niddy Griddy Band [Dublin] (late 60's six piece group)
Nightbus [Dublin] (mid 70's group featuring Deke O'Brien)
Night Time [Ennis] (early 70's 4 piece formerly known as Abel Cane)
Night Train/P2/P3/P4 [Dublin] (early 70's six piece)
Nitro Jade [Unknown] (early 70's four piece)
Ohio Express [Unknown] (early 70's four piece)
Orange Machine [Dublin] (formed in 1967 and featured future showbanders Tommy Kinsella, Ernie Durkin & Jimmy Greeley)
Orphanage/P2 (early 70's Irish group formed by Phil Lynott after leaving Skid Row managed by Jimmy Foley)
Orphanage [Dublin] (band which took on the name of the defunct Phil Lynott group)
Others, The (sixties group that lasted into the mid seventies, included Ronan Collins)
Outcasts, The [Dublin]
Outer Limits, The [Dublin] (late sixties group became Niddy Griddy Band)
Outlaws, The [Dublin]
People, The/P2 [Belfast] (Belfast based 60's beat group who became Eire Apparent-had Henry McCullough & Tiger Taylor )
Peggy's Leg (formed in 73 with Jimmy Slevin, Don Harris, Jimmy Gibson and Vincent Duffy)
Phantom Orchestra
Philomena's Restaurant [Dublin] (late 60's group)
Pickford Set [Dublin] (60's Dublin based rock band featured Peter Adler at one point)
Pig [Belfast] (early 80's  Belfast punk band)
Police, The [Dublin?] (late 60's five pieve group)
Portrait [Dublin] (original name of quintet Elmer Fudd)
Poseidon [Dublin?] (mid 70's 5 piece group)
Press Gang [Dublin] (4 piece from the late 60's)
Protex [Belfast] (four piece rock group on the road in 1980)
Pulling Faces
Pump House Gang
Purple Pussycat [Dublin] (late sixties five piece)
Pyramid [Thurles] (mid 70's five piece featured eventual Kim Newport/Tweed drummer Seanie Ryan)
Railroad [Dublin] (early 70's six piece pop group)
Reaction, The  [Dublin] (late 60's group)
Red Rock [Dublin?] (mid 70's 5 piece group)
Resistors, The
Richmond Hill [Belfast]  (70's rock group-Brian McCaffrey, Peter Cochrane, Davey Esler, Johnny Gregg, George Kinlough)
Rides, The [Dublin] (late 70's rock band - Tony Laverne, Frank Daly, Derek Fay, and Sam Nevin)
Roach Band, The
Rodeo [Coleraine] (early to mid 70's)
Rolling Tones [Dublin] (became Some People)
Rory Gallagher [Ballyshannon] (Arguably the greatest Irish guitarist ever...he lives on in his music)
Reform [Limerick] (Three piece 70's rock/pop band that did very well nationally, but never broke overseas)
Sabbath, The [Belfast] (Late 60's group)
Salty Dog [Dublin] (renamed Chosen Few-Basil Hendricks, Brendan Bonass, Deke O'Brien, Bob Bolton & Robbie Brennan)
Saw Doctors/P2 [Galway] (one of our most successful stay at home groups)
Scope [Dublin] (mid 70's 5 piece became known as Lemming)
Scope [Longford] (mid 70's group)
Scripto/P2/P3 [Letterkenny] (4 piece formed in Letterkenny at Easter, 1970)
Secrets, The [Limerick] (late 60's group)
Section, The [Dublin] (late 60's young group)
Sensations, The [Dublin] (late 60's group)
Shade, The (1979-82 band featured Brendan McCarthy, David Keating, Cathal O'Reilly and Tom Killian)
Sherriff [Unknown]  (early 70's 5 piece)
Shape [Dublin]  (late 70's 4 piece group with Martin Sneyd, Willie Roantree, Don Bernard and Philip Coyle)
Sk'Boo [Belfast] (formed in the North in 1969 with lead vocalist Kenny McDowell)
Skab Law [Loughrea] (early 70's rock/pop band out of County Galway.)
Skid Row [Dublin] (Band formed by Brush Shiels in late 60's which included at various times, Gary Moore & Phil Lynott.)
Smog [Cork] (early 70's 4 piece group)
Snakehips (Early 70's rock band)
Sneaky Pete [Belfast?] (northern rock band formed in 1970 and featuring former Gent, Pete Cresswell)
Solomon's Mynd [Belfast] (late sixties)
Some Kind of Wonderful
Some People [Dublin] (late sixties - early seventies band)
Something Happens
Soul Agents [Dublin]
Soul Foundation/P2 [Belfast] (late 60's group)
Species of Sphinx [Dublin] (late 60's band)
Square Penny [Drogheda] (early 70's band)
Stagalee [Tralee] (late 70's R&B band)
Stagg [Dublin] (early 70's 4 piece group)
Stepaside [Dublin] (formed in 1974 by Bob Bolton and Bobby Kelly, continued into the early 1980's with different lineups.) 
Stiff Little Fingers [Belfast] (formed in 1977-Jake Burns, Henry Cluney, Brian Faloon, and Ali McMordie) 
Stop Press (Dublin early 70's band featuring Freddie, Billy & Benny White-ex Elmer Fudd and Soul Agents)-thanks Alan White
Strange Brew [Dublin] (late 60's group)
Strangers [Balbriggan] (broke up in 69, reformed in 1972)
Strike, The [Dublin] (1970 band who played TV Club - Kevin Kennerly, Jimmy Marshall, Phillip O'Reilly & Pat King)
Stud [Dublin] (Band formed by John Wilson and Richard McCracken after the breakup of Taste)
Stunning, The [Dublin]
Subtle Muscle [Dublin] (Dublin based band playing jazz influenced original material in the early 80's)
Sugar Shack [Dublin] (late sixties Dublin based group originally lead by Brian Toomey)
Supply, Demand and Curve [Dublin] (mid 70's four piece)
Sweet Reality [Dublin]  (late sixties Dublin three piece)
Sweet Street [Limerick] (1968 band)
Switch [Dublin] (Chris Lundy tells us the late Ollie Byrne, managed them and Thin Lizzy at the time)
System, The [Dublin]
Tara Telephone [Dublin] (1970 three piece featured Eamonn Carr, soon to be of Horslips)
Taste [Cork] (Launching platform for Rory Gallagher's solo career, Ireland's answer to super group Cream)
Taxi, The [Ballymena] (early 70's rock band)
Teddie and the Tigers [Belfast] (Featured Teddie Palmer and Tiger Taylor)
Terminals, The [Wicklow] (60's group from Wicklow)
Them featuring Van Morrison (the first of Ireland's super groups, Van and the band became international icons)
Thin Lizzy [Dublin] (One of the greatest rock groups to come out of Ireland, Phil Lynott died in 1986)
Those Nervous Animals/P2 [Sligo] (pop/rock group that had nationwide success in the mid 1980's with LP Hyperspace)
Time Machine [Kiltimagh] (John Walsh-guitar, Gerard McLoughlin-bass, Joe Joyce-drums, and Sean Holleran-guitar) 
Tokyo Olympics (Dublin based band won Hot Press Award in 1983 for best Rock single, "Radio")
Tonnage, The [Dublin] (late 60's band which included Eamonn Carr)
Two Much [Cork] (late 60's rock duo)
Tomorrow's People [Dublin] (late 60's pop/rock group-Dave Flood, Mick McDonald, Derek Kenny and Larry Coogan)
U2/P2 [Dublin] (Arguably the greatest band in the world according to some critics and Ireland's number one export.)
Uncle Ham [Dublin] (late 60's four piece)
Unforgiven, The [Dublin] (late-60's group)
Uptown Band/P2/P3/P4 [Dunlaoire] (One of the top beat groups of late 60's, Brendan Bonass and Brush Shiels)
Urge, The/P2/P3/P4 [Dublin] (early 70's rock band)
Vampires, The [Dublin] (60's group which featured future pop stars, Tony Kenny and Mick Roche among its ranks)
Van Morrison (the original Irish rocker & product of the showband era, Van led the way for the rest of Ireland's rock musicians)
Virgin Prunes
Watchtower/P2/P3 [Dublin] (Formed by Alan Dee in the late 60's, stayed on the road for several years)
Weight, The [Killarney] (Formed around 1971)
Wheatstone Bridge/P2P3 [Dublin] (late 60's 6 piece group)
Wild Breed [Galway] (late 60's beat group-Andy Fitzpatrick, Mike McMahon, Frankie O'Connor, and Eamonn Cummins)
Winter's Reign [Unknown] ()
Word, The/P2/P3 [Carlow] (late 60's beat group)
World War Five [Dublin] (early 70's rock group)
Workfarm [Limerick] (Early 70's 4 piece - John Naughton, Liam Darcy, Paul Healy and Nelius Linehan)
Wormwood [Dublin] (early 70's heavy band)
Your Father's Moustache [Dublin] (Original name of Brush Shiel's band Skid Row)
Zen Alligators (Band formed by Johnny Fean and Eamon Carr of Horslips from 1980 to 1983)
More to come!

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